Social Clubs


We are a group of users and ex-users of mental health services, professionals and interested individuals who share a concern about the lives of mentally or emotionally distressed people in the community.


Hillingdon Mind takes a hollistic view of people's mental health and emotional wellbeing. With our projects and services we aim to prevent isolation, offer talking therapies, enable social inclusion, arrange housing opportunities, and provide services specific to different cultures. We have training options, run sports and leisure activities, have many choices for volunteering, and can provide assistance to those with mental health needs arrested by the Police.


Hillingdon Mind believes that the life experience and the environment we live in play a major part in influencing our mental health. Our upbringing, the pressures of day to day living, the experience of trauma, discrimination, harassment and poverty can all have adverse effects on our mental well-being.


We recognise the rich diversity of Hillingdon's multi-cultural community and aim to set examples of good practice by listening to service users and providing imaginative, innovative and quality services which meet their expressed needs and help people gain some control over their own lives.


Members of Hillingdon Mind receive a bi-monthly newsletter which includes information on mental health issues and details of what is being offered locally. Annual membership subscriptions are currently £10.00 for those in employment and £5.00 for those unemployed. You do not necessarily need to be a member of Hillingdon Mind in order to use their facilities or services.


Each club offers company, friendship and support for those feeling isolated, lonely or who are recovering from a mental health issue. The clubs provide access to computers, printers, also a TV room, and various arts, crafts, and board games are available. There are outings and social events organised. Reasonably priced hot and cold snacks are available.


The referral form can be downloaded here.


4.30pm -7.00pm
Social Club at Aston House


Social Club at Mead House*
4.30pm-7pm Social Club at Aston House


No clubs


Social Club at Mead House*


10am- 2pm
Social Club at Mead House*

2pm-5.00pm Social Club at Aston House
6pm-9pm Weekend Club at Pembroke Centre


No clubs, but see Weekend Out & About section


Weekend Club at Pembroke Centre


* Our membership at Mead House is currently full and we are not taking any future referrals at present for this Social Club.


Evelyn Cecil
Mead House Social Clubs
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Simon Potter
Aston House and Ruislip Social Clubs Facilitator
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07587 033036